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I saw a video of Jim Carrey the other day acting a bit crazy at fashion show, rambling about his nihilistic view on life and how something as superficial as celebrities and fashion was all meaningless in the end. He has a point but it was the sad solipsistic kind of nihilism which I don't personally think is a great interpretation on the idea. Now I think I may be projecting my own experiences onto him but I from what I've learnt about his life the last couple years (It's just a thought I don't truly know the guy..) I think he is suffering from really severe guilt. I think this because I have felt the same way since my dad killed himself, I've just used different mechanisms to deal with i.e hapless hedonism which hasn't really solved much. Again I don't know the guy but I hope he finds away through it all, seeing one of my childhood icons like this makes me incredibly sad.


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